Why great storytelling is essential for PR

Great storytelling must be part of any PR campaign and can catapult your business to success.

I’ll explain why.

The answer is simple really…because people love to read stories.

Steve Clayton, Chief Storyteller at Microsoft goes as far as saying that “the human brain is hardwired to remember stories..”

But to keep people engaged, they have to be great stories. So, what is it that produces great stories and makes us read on?

Think about it for a minute.

What is the best book you have ever read? What is the best film you have ever seen?

Now think about why?

Why did it have such a profound affect on you?

Was it the ‘on the edge of your seat’ scenes, the fact it made you cry, angry or wonder; or maybe gave you hope or inspiration?

Whatever it was, it will undoubtedly have included intense emotions, trials and tribulations, how a person won in the face of adversity, how perseverance paid off despite challenges and obstacles, conflicts and resolution, people at odds with themselves or each other, love will prevail…..you get the idea.

Research has shown that if you can create and build tension in the first stages of your story then you will have people hooked.

Our natural curiosity kicks in – what happens next? Why did he do that? How will they cope with that situation? We naturally want to know more.

It’s exactly the same with your business. If you read the above two  paragraphs again, I bet that you can relate to some of those components of “what makes a great story” in the journey you have taken with your business and how it has developed?

Good PR will shout about your successes to consumers, but it will also illustrate perfectly through great storytelling how you achieved that success.

Let me ask you this? Which story would engage you more?

The story of a small business owner who builds his business from one  employee to 100 in a year.


The story of a small business owner who builds his business from one  employee to 100 employees in a year. He showcases some of his employees and their roles in the process, how he overcame funding and production problems, how he almost gave up, who helped him along the way…..you see where I’m going with this.

Chances are that if you only read the first story you would naturally start asking yourself questions anyway, but you might not get the answers.

We are compelled to read or watch on, as stories take us on a journey. It does need some of those essential parts I talked about earlier.

But remember, as far as great stories go, we don’t just want to know the beginning and the end, but everything in between.

It may not always be pretty but we want to know about the blood, sweat, and toil; the disappointments and the triumphs. Don’t we?

Put simply, we love character-driven stories with loads of emotional content.

Every business has a great story to tell. Find it, and use PR to tell it.