Why we should all be wary of jumping on the social media bandwagon for our PR campaigns.

Why should we be wary of jumping on the social media bandwagon for PR campaigns Only a few years ago, having a website was seen as the new essential tool for all businesses. You may be old enough remember these early websites - I certainly am. Details about what companies did were neatly turned into little descriptors that fitted within our web designers’ templates. Things

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Social Media Panic

Social Media Panic I think it’s time to invent this new phrase. Do me a favour and share my new linguistic revelation with your friends and followers on all your social media platforms. Just click that little thumbs-up icon right now. Go on. Don’t read to the end - just share my pearls of wisdom with all and sundry immediately. After all, that’s how

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The language behind a winning PR photograph

The language of a winning PR photograph Language is the key method employed by all animals to express how they feel, what they need and who they’d like to mate with. But without the luxury of written and spoken words, most species have to resort to some rather unsavoury methods such as sniffing one another’s nether regions to decipher and transmit this very primeval

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The Seven Deadly PR Sins

The Seven Deadly PR Sins Like most journalists and news editors, my inbox is always full of press releases from eager PR execs, desperate to catch my attention and persuade me to help push their story. But some of them don’t even get read. Why? Well, here are my top seven deadly PR sins, avoid them and there’s a chance your email will at

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