Social Media Panic

Social Media Panic I think it’s time to invent this new phrase. Do me a favour and share my new linguistic revelation with your friends and followers on all your social media platforms. Just click that little thumbs-up icon right now. Go on. Don’t read to the end - just share my pearls of wisdom with all and sundry immediately. After all, that’s how

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Why PR will fail without strong visual content

Why your PR campaign will fail without visual content Visual communication isn't new, is it? So why don’t more businesses use it?     Look at the image above. What do you see? This image tells a story, doesn't it? It’s actually a prehistoric cave painting and reinforces my point that visuals have been around forever. Even the Greek philosopher Aristotle stated: “ There

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It makes my blood boil when I’m asked to take a ‘snap’

Why does a professional photographer's blood boil when asked to take a 'snap'? Something that makes my blood boil is when I’m asked to take a 'snap' of something. A snap. It’s a photograph right? So what’s my beef with the word? Well, yes, a snap is definitely a photographic record of a moment in time. A snapshot in time, preserved forever in print

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