Have you got news to share? Seen something you think people need to know? Or perhaps you have a personal story to share? Do you want to see your story in the national or even international press? Whatever it is, we can help get the media coverage it deserves.

National newspapers and magazines are always interested in powerful, engaging stories, from dramatic weight-loss and cute animals doing funny things, to issues about injustice and moral outrage.

You could post your story on Facebook and it might go viral. You might even get thousands of likes and shares. Or, you could let us distribute, market and tell your story, making it headline news.

All you have to do is fill out the form giving us the details of your story and/or pictures.

You’ll need to work exclusively with us to have the best chance of getting maximum coverage. We may also get one of our photographers to take pictures to create a more interesting story for the editors.

We will contact news desks and share your story with them. What could be easier?

Fill out the form today.

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