Is it marketing or is it PR?

Are you feeling confused by the difference between PR and marketing?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

One of the easiest ways to differentiate is to remember that marketing focuses on your company’s product or service, where PR is all about building credible relationships.

So your brilliantly cool website would fall under marketing. So would that glossy photo-brochure. Even social media is a form of marketing.

But getting your brand message over to your customers in a credible, believable and authoritative voice, definitely relies on good PR.

So how does it apply to you?

Well, think about a magazine or newspaper that you regularly read.

It’s the difference between seeing a beautifully shot advert for the new restaurant in town but knowing deep down the picture has probably been Photoshopped to look that good, and then reading an online, really positive review of the place by your favourite restaurant critic.

Which one would make you more inclined to book? Probably the critic’s word, right?

Well, that is the difference between marketing (the advert) and PR (the critic’s rave recommendation)

You’ll often hear people talk about the three types of media coverage.




Paid is that glossy advert. Advertising plays a huge part in the marketing mix and often takes up a hefty chunk of the budget. But people will always know it’s a paid-for advert and as such can be less inclined to believe what they see.

Owned is your managed platforms. It’s your company website, social media accounts and even blogs. Ultimately you control what is said and what message goes out.

Earned is exactly that. It’s what others think about your brand or service. Harder to control than paid and owned, but some would say it is a lot more valuable because of that. And this is where an effective PR campaign comes in.

Earned media is perceived as more credible than paid media because it’s seen as an impartial third person’s view.

Hopefully that has helped you understand the difference and how your business can benefit from a well thought out and focused PR campaign.