How improving your Facebook page can boost your PR success

How improving your Facebook page can boost your PR success Just having a presence on the social media giant Facebook is no guarantee you’ll get instant success, like every other PR tool you have to work at it to get it right. Only then can you work out what gives you the best results and gets your fans liking and sharing your content - which

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Using Facebook can boost your PR campaign

Does Facebook have a role to play in modern PR campaigns? Facebook will boost your PR campaign. Admit to spending time on Facebook these days and many people will look at you like you’ve just admitted your worst, dirty little secret. It’s almost fashionable to deny liking the social media giant, but with more than 1.71 BILLION USERS logging in monthly it’s an incredibly

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The complete A – Z of winning PR – part two

The A-Z of winning PR Last week I covered the A-M of winning PR, so continuing with that theme here are my thoughts on N-Z. NEWSWORTHY. Does your story pass the “so what?” test? You can find out more about this in our blog “What makes a story newsworthy?” OVER-EGG. While it’s true that journalists love hyperbole, resist the temptation to over-egg your story

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The complete A – Z of winning PR – part one

The complete A-Z of winning PR Companies need to embrace winning PR and seek out every opportunity to get their stories in the news. But if you’ve ever looked for an easy-to-understand guide to successful PR then you may well have ended up even more confused because there are just so many different ideas and opinions. This handy A - Z guide to effective

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Why I have banned press releases

Why I have Banned Press Releases. You’ve read loads of them. You may have written lots of them and many may have been published. But I have banned them. Why? Because the concept is fundamentally flawed. The Press Release - it’s the time-honoured conduit still used by PR professionals to send their clients’ message to journalists. The aim is to get the journalist to

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Why PR will fail without strong visual content

Why your PR campaign will fail without visual content Visual communication isn't new, is it? So why don’t more businesses use it?     Look at the image above. What do you see? This image tells a story, doesn't it? It’s actually a prehistoric cave painting and reinforces my point that visuals have been around forever. Even the Greek philosopher Aristotle stated: “ There

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Why great storytelling is essential for PR

Why great storytelling is essential for PR Great storytelling must be part of any PR campaign and can catapult your business to success. I’ll explain why. The answer is simple really…because people love to read stories. Steve Clayton, Chief Storyteller at Microsoft goes as far as saying that “the human brain is hardwired to remember stories..” But to keep people engaged, they have to

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Four PR myths busted

Four PR myths busted! Honestly, you’d be amazed at the misconceptions we regularly hear about PR. And most often from the very people who should be embracing the opportunities a creative PR campaign would offer them. It seems PR has earned itself a bad rap, with some people thinking we’re all like Edina from AbFab, or worse a fluffy champagne airhead whose favourite expression

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How can people get these phrases so wrong?

Common phrases people get completely and utterly wrong. While I’m certainly not a fully paid-up member of the grammar police, like many people I do find spelling mistakes irritating, but even worse are the common expressions that get so horribly mangled.   There's no excuse really for poor spelling, especially these days, when most of us have some kind of spell check installed on our

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What makes a story newsworthy?

So what makes a story newsworthy? You might think you have the scoop of the century, an amazing story that everyone needs to know about, so you send it out to papers, sit back, wait for the editor to call you…and nothing. Not a single paper runs the story and you’re probably left feeling deflated, fed up and wondering what you did wrong? So

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