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Rod takes the pictures. He has a degree in journalism, and set up a news-photo agency in 2006 working with dozens of photographers, selling their pictures to national and international publications. He's worked with many corporate clients, PR executives and media relations teams is a keen cyclist, runner and motorcyclist.

How can people get these phrases so wrong?

Common phrases people get completely and utterly wrong. While I’m certainly not a fully paid-up member of the grammar police, like many people I do find spelling mistakes irritating, but even worse are the common expressions that get so horribly mangled.   There's no excuse really for poor spelling, especially these days, when most of us have some kind of spell check installed on our

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What makes a story newsworthy?

So what makes a story newsworthy? You might think you have the scoop of the century, an amazing story that everyone needs to know about, so you send it out to papers, sit back, wait for the editor to call you…and nothing. Not a single paper runs the story and you’re probably left feeling deflated, fed up and wondering what you did wrong? So

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It makes my blood boil when I’m asked to take a ‘snap’

Why does a professional photographer's blood boil when asked to take a 'snap'? Something that makes my blood boil is when I’m asked to take a 'snap' of something. A snap. It’s a photograph right? So what’s my beef with the word? Well, yes, a snap is definitely a photographic record of a moment in time. A snapshot in time, preserved forever in print

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The Seven Deadly PR Sins

The Seven Deadly PR Sins Like most journalists and news editors, my inbox is always full of press releases from eager PR execs, desperate to catch my attention and persuade me to help push their story. But some of them don’t even get read. Why? Well, here are my top seven deadly PR sins, avoid them and there’s a chance your email will at

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Is it Marketing or is it PR?

Is it marketing or is it PR? Are you feeling confused by the difference between PR and marketing? Don't worry, you're not alone. One of the easiest ways to differentiate is to remember that marketing focuses on your company's product or service, where PR is all about building credible relationships. So your brilliantly cool website would fall under marketing. So would that glossy photo-brochure.

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