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F Stop Press

We’ve been supplying national and international newspapers, magazines and news websites, with stories and photos for more than 15 years.

We have worked hard to build great working relationships with news and picture desks around the globe and they know they can trust us to deliver what they want.

It’s an evolving industry, which has seen huge growth in online news reporting and social media, and to meet the ever-changing needs of the newsroom we also shoot film in different formats.

Photos taken
Press cuttings
Miles driven
Worn-out cameras

Meet Our Team

Rod Kirkpatrick
Rod KirkpatrickTakes the pictures
After years spent racing all over the place delivering things in vans and on motorcycles, I finally decided to hang-up my crash helmet and train for a slightly less dangerous way to earn a living.

I studied for a degree in journalism at Southampton Solent University, graduating in 2003.

Soon I was back to racing, as I chased the latest news stories around the south coast (this time without a crash helmet) and began learning my craft as a press photographer. Two years working for a press agency in Sussex followed a six-month internship at The Portsmouth News.

I set up a news-photo agency in 2006 working with dozens of photographers, selling their pictures to national and international publications.

I worked with many corporate clients, PR executives and media relations teams supplying them with creative images with a newsworthy twist.

We moved to Derbyshire six years ago and I quickly fell in love with The Peak District.

When I’m not working I try and get out on on my bicycle or go running. There are many hills and they often beat me!

I’ve just put a deposit down on a motorcycle and will soon be buying a new crash helmet. There’ll be a place for my camera in the panniers but I don’t think you’ll see me delivering another parcel anytime soon.

Jo Roberts
Jo RobertsRuns the business
I’ve been running the business side of the operation since 2006. My role is multi-faceted from managing the finances and running the diary, to story researcher and everything in between.

I’m not a journalist or a photographer, but working within the media industry for so many years I have learned what newspapers look for in a good story, which pictures make it onto the page and to always apply the ‘so what?’ factor when it comes to the news.

Along side this, I have been a qualified mental health nurse for 17 years and I’m currently training to be therapist. Quality relationships are pivotal in both this work and in business, which is where my two working roles overlap beautifully.

I’m an avid reader, mostly factual based works and more often with an emphasis on business or psychology. I’m a sucker for the TV show Criminal Minds, love everything wildlife and I’m a mega fan of cheesy 80s movies.

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